The Wildflour & Co.

Wildflower was born from my desire & love for making things; lots of things. If I didn't know how to make it I would figure out a way. I heard it said somewhere that your calling in life is attached to what your gift is. Unfortunately for the longest I did not see creativity as a gift...sooooo of course I was having major difficulties figuring out what my calling was. After hearing time & time again that I should do something with my creativity I finally started to see that maybe it was a gift & I realized that I was overlooking a lot of my abilities. I started getting back into the whole creativity thing after continually pushing it aside for more concrete & "acceptable" career plans & I realized I was so much happier & a lot more at peace with myself. It varied so greatly from writing, to crochet, to making jewelry, to some sewing, baking & cake decorating, drawing, re-doing furniture I salvaged. I realized I had to be truer to myself & there is freedom when you finally figure that out.  

Fast forward to figuring out what to name the whole thing. I was so stuck. It couldn't just focus on one aspect of me because then the other stuff would be left out. I wanted to figure out a way to capture & represent everything. Driving to work one day (major thanks to NC Dept of Transportation) I was so in love with the variety of flowers along the highway I was probably swerving trying to see this tiny little sign at the end of the display. It said: NCDOT Wildflower Program. It was like an "Aha" moment for me. Wildflowers. So varied in color & style & type. Can grow anywhere, in nearly any condition or season. In tune with the earth & so free, uninhibited. It was so me. At this point in my life I had come to accept that I was a wanderer & I was OK with that. I have no problem packing up & moving or going somewhere new. I didn't want to feel stuck. I was content being wherever I could make whatever thing occupied my mind at the time. I was a wildflower. A flower that grows in the wild, unintentionally seeded or planted. It was perfect. Even though I had unintentionally planted myself in places & situations which may not have been ideal for growth my maker always found purpose for me there. 

My mission in addition to expanding my creativity is to encourage people to explore their gifts, whatever they may be. Sometimes they might not be so grand & spectacular but there is something you are good at that someone else isn't. You have to embrace that. Let go of focusing on what everyone else can do, accept what you can do & work it. Wherever you are & whenever you're there be OK with it. It won't always be easy but change what you can change & don't stress about the rest (that's become my motto). If we were not meant to stand out in some way, we would have all been made the same. Bring beauty to where you are are while you're there & just be you, whoever you may be. 


The Flower Child